About Us

A Destination for Power Packed Shopping

Connectivity. The buzzword in today’s digitalized world. The weapon of Couponknight is this connectivity. The aim is to:
  • Help our shoppers beat the price rise and realize the true value of their hard-earned money
  • Give an impetus to international brand building

We want to win the hearts of shoppers and sellers at one go by connecting them under the umbrella of Couponknight. We are delivering all information about discounts and special offers on the part of our brand partners every day and on special days. You will know all about cash back offers through promotional mobile coupons & codes, browser extensions and so on. The buyers and sellers meet in this platform to make their dreams into reality. Shopaholics grab the necessary product or service, assisted by our skilled team to guide them. Renowned brands become stronger.
The comments, reviews of customers and Q&A will also assist you in your online marketing, thereby prompting you to discover new products that you never thought of using before. 

Our driving force is helping shoppers save and our brand partners achieve their sales target.